American Short Story Masterpieces.jpg edited with an introduction by Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks

Thirty six American stories told by thirty six brilliant story tellers; I was captured for many days and returned only with a sense of wonder powerful enough to paralyze me. SoI could not write how I feel right after finishing its last page. All the stories evade me now, but the feeling of being wholly taken over and over again, as each time I started to read a new story, like being tossed and washed by nonstopping waves, is still very much vivid. I feel like choking and drowning in a pool of water.

To quote from the back cover, this is a volume that tells a story and mirrors our age. They are 'Sonny's BLues' by James Baldwin, 'Redemption' by John Gardner, 'Shiloh' by Bobbie Ann Mason, 'The MIsfits' by Arthur Miller, 'The Christian Roommates'  by John Updike, and so on. Take some time to read a nice story; it might tell you more than what's there on the paper.

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